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What To Do With Your Bonus

For those of you lucky enough it’s that time of year to receive your bonus. You may be tempted to spend it on something fun, but this isn’t the smartest way to handle your bonus. Bonuses aren’t guaranteed and cannot be factored into your annual budget. Becoming too reliant on a bonus can negatively impact your financial well-being down the line.

Saving Over The Festive Season

With the rising costs of gifts, entertainment and holidays, the festive season goes hand in hand with both emotional and financial stress. To help you out this festive season, here are some tips to reduce the strain on your wallet and help you manage your stress.

Funeral Benefit Increase

The funeral benefit pays out if you and/or any of your immediate family members die. All active members of the Fund and their immediate family members are covered by this benefit provided contributions and premiums are up to date. Part of the money the employer contributes every month, is allocated to risk benefits which pays for this benefit.

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