Member Communication Survey

The TSRF provide members with regular communication in respect of their retirement fund. We believe communication is vital to ensure that members make informed choices regarding their investments and benefits. In order to get it right we need you to tell us what we are doing well and where we need to improve. Please assist by taking a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire. Your answers will greatly assist us to improve our communication to you.

Q1. Please provide your cell phone number for the draw to win the R1000 Pick & Pay Gift voucher

Q2. Have you ever attended a meeting where the Fund benefits were explained?
YesNo Please Comment:

Q3. Do you understand your benefits?
YesNoNot Sure Please Comment:

Q4. How would you like to receive important information from the Fund?
From my Employer via Posters and NewslettersFace to Face presentations at my work placeNewsletters posted to my home addressSMS sent to my cell phoneEmailed to my cell phone

Q5. Have you ever received the Fund videos via sms on your cell phone?

Q6. How would you rate the Fund videos
Video is easy to understand YesNo
Video is useful and interesting YesNo
Video improves my understanding of the Fund YesNo

Q7. If the Fund held Annual General meetings, where would you attend?
In Ekurhuleni, GautengIn Bellville, Cape TownIn Durban, KZNNo I will not attend

Q8. Would you attend the Annual General meeting if it was held on a Saturday?
YesNo Please Comment:

Q9. Do you feel that you receive enough information about the Fund?
DefinitelyI need more information Please tell us what information you need:

Q10. Do you have access to the Internet? (Please tick more than one if appropriate):
At homeAt workOn my cell phoneNo

Q11. If you look for information on your benefits or how to claim, where do you find the info? (Please tick as many as applicable)
From the TSRF (Principal Officer or Trustees)From Walk-in CentresFrom Call CentreFrom the Fund’s websiteFrom the Fund's Facebook PageFrom colleagues and friendsFrom my Employer

Q12. Please rate your experience when contacting the Fund:
Walk-in Centres GoodPoor
National Call Centre GoodPoor
Please comment:

Q13. Have you ever visited the Fund's website?
YesNo If no, please tell us why you have not visited the website?

Q14. Have you visited the Fund's Facebook Page?
YesNo If no, please tell us why you have not visited the Facebook Page?

Q15. Overall, rate the communication information/ material you receive from the Fund
Information is easy to understand YesNo
Information is useful and interesting YesNo
Information enhances my understanding of the Fund YesNo

Q16. Do you believe that you will have enough money to retire one day?
YesNoNot Sure

Q17. Please tell us how long you have been a member of the Fund?
Less than 10 yearsMore than 10 years

Q18. Please tell us how old you are
Younger than 40Older than 40

Q19. Please indicate what type of work you do
DriverDriver assistantVehicle maintenanceWarehouseAdministrationFinanceSupervisorManagerOther If other, please specify:

Q20. What can we do to improve our communication with you?