How to Claim

Fill in your claim form

Where to get a claim form:

  • Call 011 544 8300 on share call or visit the Sanlam RFLIPF Walk-in centres in Braamfontein, Durban or Bellville
  • Employer ‘s HR department
  • The claim form includes a list of supporting documents that must be attached when sending in the claim

The following information must be indicated on the claim form:

    • Member’s contact telephone/cell number and address.
    • Member’s ID number and date of birth
    • Valid Tax number (PAYE number that starts with 7 is not valid tax number).
    • Date leaving the fund (end of the month member left).
    • Last contribution paid by member and employer.
    • Annual income
    • Reason for leaving (resigned, retired, retrenched, dismissed, end of contract, disability).
    • How benefit must be paid (i.e. cash to bank account, transfer to another fund etc).
    • Banking details

Get the employer to sign and stamp the claim form.

Your employer or HR department will need to sign and stamp the claim form so that the claim can be processed and payment made.

Disability claims require a medical certificate to be verified by the Fund’s appointed medical provider.

Death and Funeral Claims require copies of the Death certificate for verification, letter of executorship, beneficiary details and estate late account details

The following is required to finalise claim:

  • Completed claim form (all fields!), signed by member with date, and signed and stamped by employer with date.
  • Copy of bank statement showing member’s name, stamped by bank or letter from bank confirming bank details, must have member’s name and ID or passport number on the letter. If no ID and only passport, letter from bank always required.
  • Certified copy of member’s ID/passport .

Submit the signed and stamped claim form with the required supporting documents to Sanlam RFLIPF Walk-in centers in Braamfontein, Durban or Bellville. Or submit via Fax or e-mail:

Fax: 086 593 0006


The claims process

  1. All documents are received and verified by Sanlam
  2. Claims are investigated by the trustees to determine the benefit location (in death cases)
  3. Tax calculation is applied
  4. Bank verification is received
  5. Payment is made

You need to submit your claims before the deadlines below


There is no specified deadline by which exit claims must  be submitted.


Within 12 months from the date the disability happened


Within 48 hours of providing the Funeral Claim Form and supporting documentation

Within 12 months from the date of death