Salt Employee benefits
The Fund appointed new administrators, SALT Employee Benefits (SALT EB), in April 2012. SALT EB is now responsible for fund record keeping, processing claims, correcting historical fund records and communicating with members. The Bargaining Council continues to administer the front office and is responsible for collecting member contributions from employers. The previous administration company, RF Administrators, no longer have any dealings with the RFLIPF.




Great news for members is that funeral benefits have been doubled with effect from 1 March 2013. The increases are set out in the table below.

funeral benefit increase chart

bonus declarationBONUS DECLARATION

A version update for our popular Compass project management software has been released. Staging and guiding your project from inception to completion is now even easier than before with updated time tracking, team roster creation, and version control toolsets.



Benefit statementsBENEFIT STATEMENTS

The Fund issues annual benefit statements to members. It has come to the Trustees’ attention that many member statements have been wrong and that there are concerns with the accuracy of fund records. This has rightly led to much unhappiness among members.
The trustees have appointed SALT EB to reconstruct all member information in a data reconstruction project. The deadline for this is end of May 2013. Data reconstruction verifies each and every member record in a reconstruction of the Fund’s membership data. The project extends from August 2008 to February 2012. All information for that period is checked against information from employers, service providers to the Fund, the Bargaining Council and SARS.


The Fund Trustees have made communication with members and employers a priority. Look out for the following after data reconstruction:

  • Member welcome letters
  • Quarterly newsletters to members with latest
  • Posters explaining benefits to members
  • Updated comprehensive member guide
  • Member competitions
  • Sms interface