Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Emergency Checklist

Having your retirement plans up to date is very important, but preparing our loved ones for the inevitable is just as important. Herewith a valuable checklist of information to keep up to date.

Emergency Checklist
(documents listed below applies to yourself and your significant other)
1 Certified copy of Identity Document
2 Passport
3 Birth Certificate
4 Marriage Certificate
5 Marriage Contract
6 Copy/ Location of Will and Contact Details of Responsible Person
7 Copy of Living Will & Contact Details of (Lawyer/Bank)
8 Car license and Certificate of Registration
9 Current Employer Contact Details
10 Salary Slip
11 Banking Details (Account Numbers & Pins/passwords)
12 Credit Card Details
13 Bank Loans Details
14 Investment Details
15 Stokvel Details
16 Life Insurance Details – Keep an up to date policy schedule on file
17 Fixed Property Title Deeds and Mortgage Details
18 SARS Tax Details
19 Utility / Rates and Water Bills
20 Leases or Hire Purchase Agreements
21 Rental Agreements
22 Property and Inventory Details
23 Provident Fund Benefit Statement
24 Pension Fund Benefit Statement
25 Retirement/Life or Living  Annuity Details
26 Organ Donor Details
27 Contact Person in Case of Emergency
28 Club Memberships Details