Repatriation of Mortal Remains

What is repatriation of mortal remains?

Members receive a complementary service to their existing funeral plan. The Repatriation of Mortal Remains and Bereavement Line will assist members in arranging a funeral and the transportation of the deceased’s body to a funeral parlour close to their normal place of residence.

Please note that this cover is applicable to main members of the Fund only (not family members). The transportation cover extends to the rest of Africa.

What are the benefits to members?

• In the event of the member’s death outside of their home town (at least 150 km away), assistance will be granted with the necessary formalities and payment will be made towards the cost of transporting the deceased to a location in their home town within the territory

• Assistance with autopsy and referral to pathologist if required

• Referral to reputable and recommended undertakers

• Telephonic assistance with the arrangement of funeral or cremation, should the event occur outside the normal place of residence

• Transferring of ashes to the normal place of residence after cremation within the territory.

• All costs to be borne by the Insurer

Additional Benefits include:

• Assistance with obtaining the death certificate should the death have occurred in unnatural or unusual circumstances

• Arranging counselling with the relevant psychologist

• Arranging specialised counselling particularly relating to the loss of a child

• Assistance with the legality regarding funeral procedures such as the death certificate and removal of the body

• Assistance with legal claims against insurance policies including short term insurance, life assurance, funeral policies and personal accident cover

Who should my family call?

The family of the deceased should contact ER24 services on 084124.

They will need to quote the name of the fund, the employer for the deceased as well as providing the deceased’s personal details.