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Change in Front Office administration

Communication to Employers and Payroll departments

The Trustees of the RFLIPF have contracted Sanlam to perform the duties as Front Office Administrator of your Fund from 1 June 2013.

This communication is designed to answer questions about the change in Front Office administrator and the effect it will have on you as a participating employer and your payroll department. We have compiled a short list of likely questions and provided answers to assist you in understanding the change.

What is the function of the Front Office?

The Front Office is responsible for the operation and management of the existing client contact centre functions (walk-in and call centre functions) which assist members of the RFLIPF with queries relating to their membership and benefits. The Front Office is also responsible for the reconciliation of monthly contributions paid by you, ensuring that the payments are identified on the Fund’s bank account and reconciled to the member database, thereby enabling the Back Office administrator – SALT Employee Benefits to apply the contributions correctly in the RFLIPF.

From when is this change of Front Office administrator effective?

The effective date of Sanlam’s appointment is 1 June 2013 and they will be responsible for front office functions from 21 May 2013. This will include the reconciliation of May 2013 contributions and reconciliation of previous months contributions deposited on or after 20 May 2013.

How does such a transfer of administration take place?

This will all be handled by the Council and the Back Office Administrator (SALT) who will provide Sanlam with the data to load onto their system. Employers may be required to re-submit forms and documents that were submitted after 20 May 2013 via the new login process. Employers will also be required to re-register on the new website (refer to point 5 below).

All claim documentation must be submitted via the web or directly to the Front Office.
Web address:
Fax:                  0866 791 679

What is the impact on my employees?

The changeover will be seamless and there will be no impact on the employees with regards to the membership and benefits. First point of call will be the employer and thereafter follow the same process currently in operation with regards to contacting the walk-in centres in Braamfontein, Durban or Parow, or contacting the call centre on: 0861 735 473

What is the impact on the payment of contributions?

Your contributions must still be paid into the RFLIPF bank account that you are currently using namely:
Bank:     First National Bank
Branch:  251905
Acc No:  62183242652

There will also be a slight changes with regards to the online login process to access relevant RFLIPF contribution and claim documentation. Your Provident Fund contribution schedules will in future be submitted online by registering on

Will this change impact on exit and funeral benefit payments?

The will be no change in the Back Office Administration (SALT) or Risk Benefit Underwriters (NMG) and therefore exit payments will continue as they are on the current processing system.

What are the NEW Contact details?

For Employers:
Tel:      0860 111 489
Fax:      0866 791 679

For Employees:
Current Walk-in centres: Braamfontein, Durban and Parow
Call centre: 0861 735 473

Are there any other changes?

No, the trustees, auditors, actuaries and other service providers to the Fund remain unchanged. It is only the Front Office function that has been contracted out to Sanlam by the RFLIPF. As no regulatory applications need to be made, there will only be a short delay whilst the new Front Office administrator (Sanlam) installs the member data on its system.

Will the RFLIPF forms I need to use change?

You will continue to use the latest version of forms that are available via the RFLIPF website.

What are the benefits to the fund members?

The Front Office Administrator (Sanlam) will enable the Call Centre Agents and Walk-in Centre staff to directly access the database and this will allow them to deal with member and employer queries and progress of claims far more quickly and directly, which will speed up service to members who have queries about claims or the Provident Fund.

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