The TSRF provide members with regular communication in respect of their retirement fund. We believe communication is vital to ensure that members make informed choices regarding their investments and benefits. In order to get it right we need you to tell us what we are doing well and where we need to improve. Please assist by taking a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire. Your answers will greatly assist us to improve our communication to you. If you complete the survey (and provide your cell number) by 30 September 2021 you stand a chance to win a Pick & Pay Gift card to the value of R1000.

    Q1: Please provide your cell phone number for the draw to win the R1000 Pick & Pay Gift voucher

    Q2:Have you ever attended a meeting where the Fund benefits were explained?

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    Q3: Do you understand your Fund benefits?

    Please Comment:

    Q4: Do the Fund benefits meet your needs?

    If no, please tell us which benefits will meet your needs:

    Q5. Do you understand the process to follow when submitting a claim?

    Q6. Do you understand the information in your benefit statement?

    Please Comment:

    Q7. How would you like to receive important information from the Fund? (you may tick more than one)

    Q8. Have you ever received the Fund videos via sms on your cell phone?

    Q9. How would you rate the Fund videos?

    Q10. Have you ever received the Fund newsletter via sms on your phone?

    Q11. How would you rate the Fund newsletter?

    Q12. Do you feel that you receive enough information about the Fund?

    Please tell us what information you need:

    Q13. Do you have access to the Internet? (Please tick more than one if appropriate):

    Q14. If you look for information on your benefits or how to claim, where do you find the info? (Please tick as many as applicable)

    Q15. If you travel on the N3 to Durban, have you ever stopped at the Highway Junction truck stop in Harrismith?

    Q16. If you have stopped there have you seen the Fund's communication material at the truck stop?

    Q17. How valuable is a secure truck stop to you where you can overnight?

    Q18. Please rate your experience when contacting the Fund:
    Walk-in Centres

    National Call Centre

    Please Comment:

    Q19. Have you ever visited the Fund's website?

    If no, please tell us why you have not visited the website?

    Q20. Have you visited the Fund's Facebook Page?

    If no, please tell us why you have not visited the Facebook Page?

    Q21. Are you aware that you may be able to apply for a pension-backed home loan, if your employer has signed the agreement with FNB?

    Q22. Do you understand the new Annuitisation changes for Provident Fund members?

    Q23. Overall, rate the communication information/ material you receive from the Fund

    Q24. Do you believe that you will have enough money to retire one day?

    Q25. Are you registered to use the On-line Benefit Counselling Tool?

    If yes, do you feel the tool has been of benefit to you?

    Q26. Do you understand that your retirement savings should be considered long-term in nature and that you should remain invested for as long as possible?

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    Q27. Do you understand that to preserve (keep) your accumulated savings invested when you exit the Fund will be more beneficial to you in the long run?

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    Q28. Are you aware that you may preserve you benefits when you leave by becoming a paid-up member of the Fund?

    Q29. Are you aware that you can become a deferred member of the Fund by delaying the payment of your retirement benefit until you need it?

    Q30. Do you understand the investment portfolio offered by the Fund?

    Please Comment:

    Q31. Please rate your understanding of investment in general?

    Q32. Do you have any other investments outside the Fund?

    Please Comment:

    Q33. Please tell us how long you have been a member of the Fund?

    Q34. Please tell us how old you are

    Q35. Please indicate what type of work you do

    If other, please specify:

    Q36. What can we do to improve our communication with you?

    By participating in this survey and entering the competition, you agree to the following in terms of POPIA:

  • I hereby authorise the TSRF, its employees, managers and third party service providers to use, review and process any personal information provided in this survey for the purposes of conducting this survey and entering the competition.
  • I understand my right to privacy and the right to have my personal information processed in accordance with the conditions for the lawful processing of personal information and hereby give my consent to TRSF and parties referred to above, to process my personal information for the purpose stated above.